Road Transport

The speed and reliability of road transport are our priority principles in organizing entire or partial international loads, and we pay special attention to transportation safety and ecological integrity.
Road transport is mainly carried out by our subsidiary Europacific Transport Ltd., which operates its own fleet of new, reliable and environmentally friendly EURO 5 vehicles. For services which we cannot accomplish on our own because of the scope of work, we hire contractors that must conform to our high standard of reliability as well as traceability of your load.

Our contractors are carefully selected and have to be approved by all the Europacific quality standards. Our widespread network of subcontractors enables us to organize the carriage of smaller packages (express door-to-door shipment), containers, vehicles and non-standard or project cargoes that require special handling.

We organize international and combined transport of goods by land from / into Europe, countries of the former Yugoslavia, the Middle East and CIS countries – the Commonwealth of Independent States.

For further information on Europacific Transport Ltd. visit www.epac-transport.com

Europacific is also member of TAPA EMEA,in order to adopt best market practices for the transportation of your goods

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains.


  • The Association’s Security Requirements are recognised globally as the industry standard for cargo facility and transport security
  • TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) constantly captures and shares data, enabling you to use the latest cargo crime intelligence to avoid incident ‘hotspots’, protect your goods in transit and, if required, to report and trace stolen property
  • TAPA regularly consults at the highest level of relevant government departments and with law enforcement agencies to support the requirements of its members in their campaign to reduce crime
  • Quarterly conferences in the EMEA region bring together over 150 security specialists to listen to presentations on the latest solutions in the fight against crime, to share best practice and to network with like-minded companies
  • Monthly newsletter communication
    If you manufacture or provide transport and logistics services for high value products, TAPA membership should be critical to the success of your business, safeguarding your goods, ensuring customer orders are fulfilled and protecting your business reputation and financial performance.
    Link: http://www.tapaemea.com