Transport Division

We also pay special attention to ensuring road safety and ecology.

Our rolling stock, which is constantly evolving the current breaks 15x EURO6 trucks with retractable trailers for transportation of 20 ‘, 2×20′, 40 ’40’hc and 45’ cont. 10x EURO6 trucks with trolleys for carriage of common cargo and sheet metal in coils (mulda).

In addition to the above we also organize exceptional transport and have available the following:

  • 1x extendable trailer up to 25m
  • 5x flat trailer
  • 3x trailer intended for transportation of vessels and watercraft


Our company is also engaged in organizing transportation with rented vehicles. Our contracting partners are carefully selected to comply with all the quality standards of the company Europacific Transport. A widespread network of cooperating carriers allows us to organize the carriage of smaller consignments (express door – to – door delivery), transport of containers, automobiles, oversized and heavyweight cargo requiring special means of conveyance.