Europacific transport d.o.o. was designed within the frameworks of Europacific Logistics d.o.o. and reliable partners to support the parent company on the principle of vertical integration of business processes. Only in this way can the parent company provide a high level of quality in the execution of services as required by today’s complex logistics.

Europacific transport is a modern international transport company with a tradition in organizing road transport with highly qualified personnel, which ensures discretion and neutrality in the business for various clients. The speed and reliability of transport are the main guides of Europacific Transport in the organization of international road and combined transport services. The competitive advantages that we are acquainted with are acknowledged cooperation with Slovenian reputable contracting carriers and our own NEW fleet of vehicles.


Mr. Rok Kobal


In the “container” and “classical” services (FTL) sector. Europacific Transport offers a range of transport services in Slovenia and Europe tailored to the needs of customers.

Europacific Transport is a highly specialized company in the classical transport segment (FTL and LTL), which has long established cooperation with major industrial groups as well as in container transport with its ten-year experience in providing its services to shipping and shipping agencies and global international freight forwarders.

The Europacific Transport fleet consists of Scania and Volvo vehicles, and “toutliner” type trailers and stretchers for container transport.

When performing day-to-day activities and services, the company
Europacific Transport cooperates with a selected and exclusive group of sub-carriers that enable and create a flexible service throughout Europe and in particular to customers in the Slovenian market.

All of our vehicles are equipped with an OBC system, which enables their localization, operational management of them and ensures optimized and high quality transport performance with a focus on varnish and accuracy.
Europacific Transport has its operational and administrative headquarters in Koper. Important partnerships formulated throughout Europe provide customers with effective solutions for the needs of transport services.